Friday, November 30, 2012

The Shepherd & His Lamb

Caroline Sophia~My Lamb

I was in my attic looking at my Nativity Scene for the holidays. I've always loved the sheep in my scene, they were my favorites in our family nativity growing up. I love lambs. I'm not a farm girl and honestly when I think of lambs I think more about stuffed animals and and soft baby blankets. I think of fluffy fur although in real life its matted. 
I grew up in a big city and have never known a Shepherd. In fact, does anyone even know if they exist anymore? I am sure they do somewhere in the world. The Bible has so many references to lambs and shepherds in scripture. Its goes on and on in regards to the matter. 
But, one verse struck me today.

Isaiah 40:11
He tends HIS flock like a Shepperd: He gathers the lambs in HIS arms and carries them close to HIS heart; HE gently leads those that have young. 

That is about as sweet as baby powder on a newborn baby. I can just picture it, hang with me, especially if your a mama......

Your child cries our for you in the night, they have had a bad dream.....they are the lamb, Your the are angry and pray against the enemy for trying to attack an innocent mind. You pray God peace over them with vigor. 

So our GREAT SHEPHERD does the same. He takes notices when the enemy comes against you. He is not happy. He fights on your behalf. All the Lamb has to do is cry out to the SHEPHERD.

Your child is hurting, they feel persecuted and alone at school, they feel different and set apart. You are the Shepherd, you remind them the plans God has for them, the big, mighty plans that CAN'T be thwarted. You remind them of all the promises God has for their lives. 
When we grew up how did we forget these truths?
Oh, but the Shepard.....HE NEVER CHANGES. HE gathers us up in His arms and carries us close to HIS heart. 
Words of honey. 
Amazingly sweet. 
Lord, let us get this in our bones from the inside out. 
Oh, and by the way... YOU ARE SET APART.

Loving you with the Father's Heart today.....

Let HIM carry you today.

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