Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hope Really Does Float.......

( In the deep....2005 Virgin Islands, with a little hope)

Is anyone in a season of just waiting? Waiting for the heavens to open up and pour out a blessing you can not contain? Maybe you just want a little break, some thing that gives you HOPE.
This past year was not a banner year for me, I am not afraid to tell everyone because most times its authenticity that brings more healing and more hope, and I NEED both. When I say banner year I do not mean that my life was terrible and falling apart and I wanted to give up. Actually something deeper. In fact, deep is the word. I have been living in the deep. Do you know that place? The place you can't seem to find your way out of? The hits they just keep coming and coming, the pain of life just cutting you to the core. Be honest. If your honest you can say you have been there at some time in your life. The past 18 months have been my deep, the deepest of my life. Some days I have crawled out of bed and just thought to myself, I can't do it anymore, I can't live in the deep. But, as always  He is faithful. Its as if the Father picks me up and literally lets my face skim the water of the deep just to see some hope floating. Don't give up today. Look for the hope floating. Look for the redemption coming your way. Look and expect God to move on your behalf. Do not loose fate, choose Jesus. Nothing, NO NOTHING can stop His plan for your life. Nothing can come close to what He has prepared for you. He is bigger than anything. Bigger than your boss, bigger than your competitor, bigger than your problem, bigger than your health issue, bigger than any struggle you are facing.  He is bigger and He is right there with you in the deep. You will find Him there.  You find Him ways that you never knew Him and  He is gracious to let us see the hope in little ways. Your day is coming, your on the path to knowing Him more and giving Him more glory. Do NOT give up beloved ones.....Hope is floating all around you. 
Loving you today.