Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hope Really Does Float.......

( In the deep....2005 Virgin Islands, with a little hope)

Is anyone in a season of just waiting? Waiting for the heavens to open up and pour out a blessing you can not contain? Maybe you just want a little break, some thing that gives you HOPE.
This past year was not a banner year for me, I am not afraid to tell everyone because most times its authenticity that brings more healing and more hope, and I NEED both. When I say banner year I do not mean that my life was terrible and falling apart and I wanted to give up. Actually something deeper. In fact, deep is the word. I have been living in the deep. Do you know that place? The place you can't seem to find your way out of? The hits they just keep coming and coming, the pain of life just cutting you to the core. Be honest. If your honest you can say you have been there at some time in your life. The past 18 months have been my deep, the deepest of my life. Some days I have crawled out of bed and just thought to myself, I can't do it anymore, I can't live in the deep. But, as always  He is faithful. Its as if the Father picks me up and literally lets my face skim the water of the deep just to see some hope floating. Don't give up today. Look for the hope floating. Look for the redemption coming your way. Look and expect God to move on your behalf. Do not loose fate, choose Jesus. Nothing, NO NOTHING can stop His plan for your life. Nothing can come close to what He has prepared for you. He is bigger than anything. Bigger than your boss, bigger than your competitor, bigger than your problem, bigger than your health issue, bigger than any struggle you are facing.  He is bigger and He is right there with you in the deep. You will find Him there.  You find Him ways that you never knew Him and  He is gracious to let us see the hope in little ways. Your day is coming, your on the path to knowing Him more and giving Him more glory. Do NOT give up beloved ones.....Hope is floating all around you. 
Loving you today. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Shepherd & His Lamb

Caroline Sophia~My Lamb

I was in my attic looking at my Nativity Scene for the holidays. I've always loved the sheep in my scene, they were my favorites in our family nativity growing up. I love lambs. I'm not a farm girl and honestly when I think of lambs I think more about stuffed animals and and soft baby blankets. I think of fluffy fur although in real life its matted. 
I grew up in a big city and have never known a Shepherd. In fact, does anyone even know if they exist anymore? I am sure they do somewhere in the world. The Bible has so many references to lambs and shepherds in scripture. Its goes on and on in regards to the matter. 
But, one verse struck me today.

Isaiah 40:11
He tends HIS flock like a Shepperd: He gathers the lambs in HIS arms and carries them close to HIS heart; HE gently leads those that have young. 

That is about as sweet as baby powder on a newborn baby. I can just picture it, hang with me, especially if your a mama......

Your child cries our for you in the night, they have had a bad dream.....they are the lamb, Your the are angry and pray against the enemy for trying to attack an innocent mind. You pray God peace over them with vigor. 

So our GREAT SHEPHERD does the same. He takes notices when the enemy comes against you. He is not happy. He fights on your behalf. All the Lamb has to do is cry out to the SHEPHERD.

Your child is hurting, they feel persecuted and alone at school, they feel different and set apart. You are the Shepherd, you remind them the plans God has for them, the big, mighty plans that CAN'T be thwarted. You remind them of all the promises God has for their lives. 
When we grew up how did we forget these truths?
Oh, but the Shepard.....HE NEVER CHANGES. HE gathers us up in His arms and carries us close to HIS heart. 
Words of honey. 
Amazingly sweet. 
Lord, let us get this in our bones from the inside out. 
Oh, and by the way... YOU ARE SET APART.

Loving you with the Father's Heart today.....

Let HIM carry you today.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mercy Living.........

I'm ready. I'm ready to give myself to boldness. I've held back far too long. I've been scared to be the real Sarah far too long. I grieve the years lost, yet the I'm going to choose to be redeemed and move forward. I'm going to choose today to be different than yesterday. 
I'm tired of being a blog stalker and holding back my own thoughts, feelings, prayers and dreams. I want myself to be real.  Truly authentic. My old blog  that was the younger Sarah. Am I saying I won't be like showing you my greatest new recipe or pictures of my beautiful family. No, I am not saying that. What I am saying is, I'll write posts as long as God writes them with me. I know most people don't want some crazy serious chic writing about all her "God Stuff" like she is has turned into a big "Jesus Freak". Well, I hope you all call me that, it would be an honor actually. I would not be surviving today without Him. So, maybe I'll go into this journey with no expectations other than getting my heart out there, showing people that authenticity sets you free. I want to be a free?  I have not met a person that wants to be bound. I'm such a sinner. Actually let's start there. 

Y'all I am bad. This year with all God has brought me through I have grown in exponential ways, however, after the loss of those sweet babies and the keeping power of my God I have found sin in ways that I never had seen before. Since the "unraveling" of my life last year and kissing those sweet little babies good bye I have found the more unraveled I become the more clear my awful, nasty sin is. Lordy, I wish I could write like Ann Voskamp. That girl can write, like write in a pretty way that makes you want to sit in a mink blanket and drink tea and just rest in His presence. My writing is more like sitting in an empty barn wrapped in burlap. But, I'll just be me...God loves me the way I am I'm sure I can do things Ann can't, probably not, but maybe.
I have grieved this year the reality of sin. I feel like I am a 10 year old that just found out Santa was not real. Sin for me had never been a reality, like really a reality. I feel behind. I have lived a more pure life. I am not saying I am perfect and have done everything right. What I can tell you that I did play with Barbies till I was 14, I did not have a real boyfriend till college and so continues the pattern into adult life, everything a bit behind therefore some of my realities have come later in life. I don't regret this, I think it was God's keeping power over my life that saved me from lots of pain and I am thankful for that. I think favor and honor came from these choices as well. So, if your a young reader. Honey, listen to me there is NOTHING the world has to offer in terms of sin that is more exciting, more risky than choosing life with Christ. You won't be sorry. I promise.  You will actually be blessed. If you have a different story and you feel like you have made all the wrong choices and failed so much its hard to see through the pain, the same goes for you. That is Mercy Living. That is the way of a heavenly Father who says, if you choose Him your sin is as far as the east is from the west. Just go to Him. He will make all things new when you think you have just sinned too much. Maybe you feel like you just sowed your wild oats and your onto better living and never really acknowledged that old sin and bad choices. Well, your the only one you can go there.
Back to my journey this year. I have found myself wanting to buy the lies of that evil ones who throws those darts we hear about in Ephesians 6. I have found Him to be ridiculously cunning, almost charming, boldly inviting. I am not sure why this was such an eye opener to me this year, my 32cnd year and I am just now seeing the truth that He is really is the Father of Lies and He really does want to kill me.  
I kept saying to people last year after my babies, its as though I have been sitting in the very mercy seat of God. What is Mercy?

Mer·cy  (mûrs)
n. pl. mer·cies
1. Compassionate treatment, especially of those under one's power; clemency.
2. A disposition to be kind and forgiving: a heart full of mercy.
3. Something for which to be thankful; a blessing: It was a mercy that no one was hurt.
4. Alleviation of distress; relief: Taking in the refugees was an act of mercy.

Everything about that definition I have experienced this past year. EVERYTHING.

Y'all seriously how in the world could we live without the mercy of God? He has such a plan. Even through the pain and disappointment. I have found that His mercies are really are new every morning. 

Watching a friend deliver a healthy baby and REALLY being happy for her gift.....MERCY 

Seeing a set of twin boys and SMILING from ear to ear because I was give that gift with a different end...MERCY

Going to a baby shower and seeing the beautiful tiny things passed around and truly rejoicing with her in her coming gift...MERCY

Being assured that though the two pink lines did not come again this month...He has a plan, a bigger better one...MERCY

Spending my days alone thinking of what "I would have been doing" had God chosen to let me keep them and still getting up and KNOWING HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT...... MERCY

Maybe for you its......

Seeing someone get the promotion you wanted and being able to congratulate them and know God has a plan.... MERCY

Losing everything and still seeing that God won't leave you and is your ultimate provider.... MERCY 

Loving a child and forgiving them when they have turned from Him and dishonored you....MERCY

Receiving a bad report from the Dr. and still knowing and believing that He loves you as much as the other.... MERCY

Y'all what I have found is that this mercy that He so freely gives to His children is a way of LIVING. Hence, the only way I'll ever be able to live. Because I know it works. Its like a daily dose of life giving substance. It transforms us when we really accept it. Its undoes us when we really acknowledge the power of the God and the gift of MERCY He longs to give it to His people. 

But, for that very reason I was shown MERCY so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his UNLIMITED patience as an example for those who would believe on Him and receive eternal life. 
I Timothy 1:16

These were my little baby feet that represent the pure Mercy of a God who loves me. 
Choose His Mercy Today. Give Mercy Today.

I love you all!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Pearl Event Coming soon!!! NASHVILLE, Tennessee!!!!

Calling all PEARL GIRLS!! We want you there and there are a few seats left. Its going to be a ball, its going to be wonderful. Your heart will be full!
Join us! 
Love You!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Welcome to my blog sweet friends! 
I pray that as you read you are entertained, moved, inspired and more than anything LOVED. 
As a lover of people I am just wild about connecting with others both for intentional purposes and for the greater good. We are only on this planet for a short time. I believe in making His name renown, loving one another and living in HIS MERCY all the days of our lives!!!! 
His Mercy Endures forever!! 
Love you!


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